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Learn To Speak Malay

Fino-mu Game


Special Features
* 50-plus language Library
* Phonetic based
* Internet system
* Sound bytes
* Simple & Easy to Use
* PDA & Web Phone Compatible
GREAT for Students. PERFECT for Businessmen & Tourists.
Used by Schools, Libraries, Universities, Hotels, Etc.
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The ONLY SITE on the Worldwide Web with 50-Plus Language Library in Phonetic Format and SOUND BYTES. Additionally, our site is User-Friendly and PDA-Web Phone Compatible. You get all these for a One-Time, Life-Time Membership of $39.95.

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Learn To Speak Malay
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Due to popular demand, we have decided to enhance and improve our Award Winning Language Programs to include Sound Bytes for each and every phrase. Unfortunately, adding Sound Bytes to our pages require significant amounts of memory, forcing an additional cost burden upon us. Therefore, we have created a new Membership Program to benefit our dedicated and loyal clients. This introductory MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE cost $39.95 Lifetime (Non-Refundable) and will allow you Unlimited Access to our Language Programs at your convenience. Once registered, you will be given a passcode to allow you to browse through our Library of Languages with the added Sound Byte improvements. It's like buying a library of Language Tapes at the nominal cost of membership. PLUS, with the advent of the wireless PDAs and WebLink Cellular Phones, our Language Programs go with you anywhere and everywhere.

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Sample Audio

How are you?  -  ( Apa khabar? )  

I am very well, thank you  -  ( Khabar baik )  

Are you Malay?  -  ( Enche' orang Melayu? )  

No, I am Chinese  -  (  Bukan, Saya orang China )  

Goodbye  -  (  Selamat tinggal )  

Goodbye, sir  -  (  Selamat jalan, enche'  )  

What is he eating?  -  (  Apa dia makan?   )  

What is he drinking?  -  ( Apa dia minum?  )  

He is eating mutton  -  (  Dia makan daging kambing  )  

He is drinking water  -  (  Dia minum ayer  )  

What is that man's name?  -  (  Siapa nama orang itu?  )  

His name is John  -  ( Nama dia John  )  




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